Our Services

We handle everything from planning and development of products suited to packaging needs to high-grade consulting for our entire line system.

Planning and Development

We are focused on keeping up-to-date with needs and essence. As can be seen from the packages of various products, including food and pharmaceuticals, “packaging” is a technical field that is absolutely necessary when considering comfort and stability in modern society.
Regardless of industry, today the process from production to distribution is highly systemized, and in order to make that system function smoothly, “packaging functions” that could not even be imagined until now are required.
Since our establishment, we have consistently made efforts to innovate “packaging technology” and respond to state-of-the-art needs. Especially where planning and development are concerned, staff from various departments are collected to plan for even speedier product utilizations to match the development theme.


We provide high production technology and quality management systems.
Production happens at the Nagoya Factory, the Nagoya Second Factory, and the Mino Factory. Quality management of production is consistent from design of parts to assembly, coating, and product inspection.
The experience and knowhow of our skilled staff who are extremely knowledgeable about the packaging line are unified to flexibly support small quantity production of many models and specifications of line production. Our quality management is appraised as “made by FUJI” worldwide. We also have approval of our “Installation of Machines and Equipment” for the laying of customers’ packaging equipment.

Business and Services

We provide total support for an optimized packaging environment.
The products that are targets of packaging include a diverse range of sizes and characteristics, with everything from food and pharmaceuticals to agricultural and marine products and industrial goods. In the business department, we respond to the needs of those products with our abundant know-how.
Before installing a product, we talk at length about the customer’s desired packaging process. At this point, we examine, arrange and analyze any current issues, and in addition to suggesting necessary functions and performance, we may also provide installation layouts that consider the efficiency of the production flow.
We also create packaging samples and execute observed packaging tests.
An experienced service engineer handles after-sales service following installation.
Additionally, we proactively provide technical guidance for our regional agencies so that they can support maintaining machinery and systems at optimal levels after delivery.

FUJI Global Network

We have the No. 1 global network in the industry. Our packaging technology is highly appraised throughout the world, being supported in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and other locations, the most globally supported packaging machinery manufacturer in Japan. In order to respond to the needs of these locations, we have over 30 distributors throughout the world, with subsidiaries and affiliates that integrate the information of each area.


We are also proactive with regards to the international exchange of people and technology.
Since the packaging technology field is closely connected with the safety of food and pharmaceuticals, we proactively exchange information with prominent international companies through joint enterprises and exports, and provide feedback to planning and development using this new information. We host annual engineering seminars for training and exchange with international engineers. We will proactively provide support for environmental issues and other changes that involve packaging technology over time to continue being trusted.

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