FPW Series


A regular pillow packaging machine with an AC servo drive.
Employs a belt conveyor control system in the dispenser conveyor part. The dispenser conveyor belt can be removed without tools, making cleaning more convenient. Models include the standard specification 3400 type and the wide specification 3410 type.


Machine Model Capacity Wrapping Film Width Cut Off Length Product Size
Up to 120 packages per min.
Wrapping Film Width
Up to 600mm
Cut Off Length
80 – 170mm/90 – 250mm/100 – 340mm/130 – 430mm
Product Size
45 – 225mm / 20 – 50mm/20 – 75mm/20 – 90mm

Product Application

Sweet bread, snack bread, bread rolls, steamed buns


  • Auto Splicer
  • Double Wrapping Film Holder
  • Laser Sensor Film Termination Detection
  • Labeler
  • Center Preheater
  • Cylindrical Rear Support Device
  • Gas Filling Device
  • End 4-Point Temperature Control Specifications
  • Exhaust Bypass Device
  • 2 Product Input Specifications
  • Date Printer
  • Date Examination Device
  • Other

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