FW7700N Series


The latest vertical pillow packaging machine from FUJI.
Capacity and sealing performance increased with a number of new systems. Lineup includes a variety of models, such as FW7700N/S which is optimal for products that may break easily from short distance drops, FW7700N/U which is optimal for wet products that use stainless steel and light alloys in their main parts, wide specification FW7700N/W, and 3-way sealing specification FW7700N/F.


Machine Model Capacity Bag Dimensions
Up to 100 bags per min.
Bag Dimensions
Bag Width: 70 – 260mm
Pitch: 50 – 350mm

Product Application

Chocolate, candy, arare, karinto, snack foods, frankfurters, mochi, instant coffee, cocoa, flour, powdered milk


  • Date Device
  • Print Examination Device
  • Gazette Device
  • Continuous Packaging Device
  • Gas Filling Device
  • Auto Splicer
  • Hole Punching Device
  • Product Stopper
  • Other

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