new TLM-α system


A multi-row automatic pick and place robot system developed in a partnership project with SCHUBERT (Germany).
Three F4 robots with arms of different lengths work in one frame, enabling a much wider range of operation and saving more space compared to delta robots.
It also has many effects, including reducing product damage, shortening cleaning and maintenance time, cutting down on alignment and direction correction, improving combined functionality, and lessening packaging defects.


Machine Model Capacity Operating Environment
new TLM
10 – 210 per min
(depends on the product condition, when single picking)
Operating Environment
Ambient temperature: 5 – 40 ℃
Humidity: 30 – 95% RH
FS transfer
Highest speed: 60 m per min
Operating Environment
Ambient temperature: 0 – 40 ℃
Humidity: 30 – 85% RH
α wrapper 8
10 – 250 packages per min.
Operating Environment
Ambient temperature: 0 – 40 ℃
Humidity: 30 – 85% RH

Product Application

Sweet bread, snack bread, bread rolls, steamed buns, dorayaki, monaka, yokan, cookies, rusks, baumkuchen, flan, cream puffs, ice cream, frozen noodles, frozen foods, sausages, instant noodles, cup noodles, spaghetti, mochi, ochazuke, cup miso, ink cartridges, printer paper, notebooks, pens, outlets, switches, duct hoses, bulbs, bearings


  • Gazette Device
  • Auto Splicer (Film Auto Connection Device)
  • Preheater
  • Date Device
  • Other

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